Soft end fixture is a new type of end fixture whose feature is its end of the fixture and the contact part with pieces is made of soft materials. It can gently grasp pieces without damage and has high flexibility. One fixture can grasp pieces of diff erent size, shape and weight.
In end fixture field, currently, widely used traditional fixtures like air cylinder jaws and vacuum suckers are often affected by shape, type and position of the pieces on the assembly, so that they cannot grasp smoothly. However, our new soft end fixture has soft “finger”, which can self adaptively cover target piece when contacting. It doesn’t need to preadjust according to the size, shape and material of the product, thus has perfectly solved the problem that traditional fi xture has high requirements on products’ shape and size.
Soft end fixture has gentle grasping behavior, large suitable grasping range, and is especially suitable for grasping fragile or deformable products.


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