Why do we need shock absorbers?
The simplest method to increase productivity is to raise machine operation speed. It often accompanies with excessive vibration and noise, damage to machines and products and decreasing in machine life. Most important of all, safety has to be sacrificed to a certain degree because of large shock forces generated.
MAXYNE shock absorbers are developed to provide linear deceleration and therefore solve these problems. They can stop or change direction of moving objects smoothly  and quietly without any compromising in safety. MAXYNE shock absorbers are ideal for energy absorption and are being used whenever shock forces occur. 
The advantages of using shock absorbers include
1. To increase production rate.
2. To extend machine life.
3. To simplify equipment design.
4. To reduce maintenance cost.
5. To reduce vibration and noise levels. 
Functions of hydraulic shock absorbers
1. Eliminating vibration and absorbing striking energy in a short time.
2. Reducing operating noise and offering a quiet working environment.
3. Accelerating machine operation and elevating production capacity.
4. Extending machine life time and reducing after sale service.
5. Improving quailty of products. 
Robots for plastic injection moulding machine, pick and place robots, feeding equipment, screen print machines, conveyors, air cylinders, vibration conveyor systems, rolling doors, medical equipment, foundry industries, rodless cylinders, package machines, machine tools, rubber/ plastic machines, woodworking machines, aircraft industries, military equipment, education researches and automotive transfer lines.

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