Handheld Screw Feeding System

Handheld type automatic screw feeder – provides visible screw for operator to aim at the screw hole. By integrate cylinder stroke and magnet, to achieve instant push the screw out of the jaw and attached screw steady in the magnetic bit.

With exposed the screw in front of the clamp, it is especially suitable for screw holes that the clamp cannot reach directly. For example: deep hole environment, space with wiring, holes in curve surface or holes near the wall, etc.

Electric screwdriver set adopt lever type brushless torque control electric screwdriver. With the advantage of precision, easy adjustment, it also no need to replace carbon brush to ensure the quality and it won't have heat case disadvantage to make it comfort for operator.

Screw feeder is rugged, durable, simple and convenient to install. Most of all, it is simple to setting and only need one person for complete setting.
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