MAXYNE myADVANCE 3 Axis Servo Robot 800

MAXYNE myADVANCE Series traversing robot arm is applicable to all types of horizontal injection machine ranging from 50 to 200 ton for products and sprues take-out.
X-, Y-, Z-axis are driven by AC servo motor, can realize products stacking up on any points inside the mold, as well as at X, Y, Z directions, can cut the runner by scissors driven and inset or embed the accessory by the cylinder.

  • Driven by three AC servo axis motor, high speed and stability.
  • Up to 3 level of password control.
  • Fully stacking function.
  • In-mould label function.
  • In-mould inserting and removing function.
  • Multi languages such as English, Chinese, etc…
  • Save energy.
  • Group management.
  • Can be added with runner arm for three-plate mould, using cylinder driving.

•             Support multi languages such as English, Chinese, etc…
•             Record mould data. Available record 1000 sets, each set can be up to 400 steps of order.
•             Large capacity built-in programs enable easy operation in moulding change.
•             Having automatically detecting malfunction, alarm and record function.
•             Reservation interface can be connected with peripheral such as conveyor, vertical transporter etc.

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