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MAXYNE myBASIC Single Axis Servo Robot 750

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MAXYNE myBASIC Single Axis Servo Robot 750 Maxyne myBASIC Robot Series Maxyne Robot Series

MAXYNE myBASIC Single Axis Servo Robotic Arm - 750 Vertical Stroke Series traversing robot arm is applicable to all types of horizontal injection machine ranging from 50 to 220 ton for products and sprues take-out.

Single stage or telescopic type vertical arm, with product arm and runner arm, for two plate or three plate mold products take out. Traverse stroke (Z) driven by AC servo motor, vertical (Y) and crosswise (X) strokes are pneumatic.
- A 10-30% increase in productivity
- Reduce the defective rate.
- Ensure the safety of operators.
- Reduce manpower.
- Accurately control the output to reduce waste.

  • Linear guide rail and reinforced alloy aluminum extrusion are applied for arm’s structure to lower noise level and increase long life spends.
  • The upper and lower arms are using telescopic design to lower the height of the robot, it’s come with single arm or double arm design.
  • The telescopic type arm is driven by high quality and high speed timing belt, this design not only reduce the height of the arm, but also increase the speed of vertical travel speed.
  • Servo driven on traverse axis giving you the function of multiple spot place positioning precision up to ±0.1mm.

  • Colour On-Screen Display.
  • Data storage up to 20 programs.
  • Fixed data up to 12built-in programs, for recall, edit and reuse.
  • 2 level of password protection for operators and technical people.
  • Automatic detection of malfunction and display with error messages.
  • Accuracy up to 0.01 seconds.
  • Build in interface can be connected with conveyor, vertical transporter etc.
  • CE specification with EUROMAP and SPI standard.

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