Food Grade Belt Conveyor

Maxyne'sstainless steel food grade conveyors are the perfect fit for most food processing and handling applications. Our conveyors come in three different sanitary levels to provide the most cost effective solution for your food or beverage processing or packaging application. Plus, within each level we offer a variety of different conveying platforms. Flat top chain conveyors are popular in the bottling industry, while the meat industry prefers plastic modular belt conveyors. Belt conveyors come in a wide variety of styles, including positive drives and horizontal-incline units.  

Maxyne's food-grade conveyors are constructed out of sanitary 304 stainless steel. They feature a variety of motors, from white epoxy coated to all stainless steel, depending on the application. All conveyors are designed for quick and easy cleaning – whether it be a simple wipedown, a high pressure spray (up to 1500 psi) or a caustic foaming agent. 

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