ID expansion grippers series MFD/MFU

ID expansion grippers series MFD/MFU
•New concept for innovative air hands.
•Downward movement (MFD), or upward movement (MFU).
•The elastic part can be in Silicone or EPDM.
•Grip diameters from 8 to 85 mm.
•Optional nose cones for centering.
•Optional proximity magnetic sensors.
•Several mounting accessories.

Silicone or EPDM?
The elastic part can be in white silicone or black EPDM.
Silicone can be used over a wider temperature range and assures
a longer life time, but it is not suitable in some industries, because
it makes it difficult to paint or to coat the parts that are touched.
EPDM is mark-free and provides a higher coefficient of friction.
The elastic part in Silicone or EPDM is available as a spare part
and can be replaced, when worn out.
The expected medium life time of the elastic part in EPDM is
about 0.5 million cycles.
The expected medium life time of the elastic part in Silicone is
about 1 million cycles.

Grip diameters
The gripper size is indicated in the gripper code with a nominal
diameter of the elastic part.
Each model can work in a diameter range between a minimum
and a maximum value.

The gripper can be fitted with a clamp, either directly on its tail [1],
or on the optional extension tube [2].
Alternatively, it can be fitted through the optional threaded nipples [3].

Gripping force
The force output of an MFD/MFU gripper depends on several
Mainly on the diameter of the picked object, but also on the
surface finishing, the coefficient of friction and the air pressure.
The graphs show the extraction force (F) on the gripped object as
a function of its diameter (d).
Measurements were performed with aluminum rings, with
roughness Ra=0.8 while the grippers were fed with 6 bar
compressed air.
The black lines refer to the grippers in EPDM, while the red ones
to the grippers in Silicone.

In the larger sizes a magnet is integrated in the piston.
An optional housing for the sensors of the SN series is available.
One or two sensors can be fitted on a gripper.

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