2 Poles Light Duty Industry Mold Rack

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2 Poles Light Duty Industry Mold Rack Industry Mould Storage Rack

Product Description
Drawer Type Racking/ Slid Racking/ Mold Rack/ Draw-out Rack.
The slid structure is sturdy and durable. The load capacity for each layer can reach 500-2000kg. It is easy to store and take heavy goods such as moulds with cranes.


1, Add additional fixing equipment, can be used safely.

2, Easy operation: With bearing assembly, sliding easy and can work with crane devices.

3, Save space and cover less area, 3*4 standards shelf can be deposited with dozens dies;

4, Simple structure: Composed by a variety of components, easy for transport and assembly.

Technical Specification:

Model: MYMR03-12-1ton
Type: Steel Mold Storage Rack, Drawable
Height: 2,150mm
Width: 900mm
Length: 3,064mm
No. Of Rack: 3 X 4 = 12 column
Loading Capacity: 1000Kg / Level
Upright post spacer: 2.0mm cold roll steel
Drawer Material: 2.0mm cold roll steel
Colour: Dark Green OR Dark Blue
Others Accessories
Overhead Travelling Crane, 1 set
Japan TOYO Chain Block. Model: HSZ-VA. 2 tons

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